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The idea of homeschooling your child may have crossed your mind a few times, but how do you know if it's a good option? Below are some of the most common reasons why parents choose this option.

How to Decide If Homeschooling Is Right for Your Student

Homeschooling isn't a new concept, but it is...
A low test score is something most students will experience at least once in their life. It can bring down your child's overall grades as well as their morale. To help them move past it, use these tips.

Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Low Test Scores

Whether it's from lack of studying or just...

How to Stay Active in Your Child's Education

As a parent, it's important to stay active in your child's academic life. By staying involved, you can encourage them to perform at their best. As your child gets older, this can seem more and more difficult to achieve. Since homework only gets harder...

How to Make Homework Time Easier

Doing homework may not be your child's activity of choice when they get home from school, but they have to get it done. If your child is taking way too long to complete their tasks, use these tips to help them along.

Start Homework Early

Ideally, your child...

How to Have Stress Free Mornings Before School

Getting out the door on time on school days can prove to be a struggle in many households. Luckily, it doesn't have to be hard to get out the door and in a good mood. To make this happen in your home, use these tips.

Get Ready the Night Before

The new school year is approaching quickly. Luckily, there's still enough time to prepare for the first day back. To help your child have a successful school year, use these tips to prepare.

Help Your Child Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

As the new school year quickly approaches, now is...
Despite the name, the summer learning slide isn’t an activity at the park where children magically learn their school lessons and homework.

Unfortunately, the reality is the complete opposite, with the summer learning slide not only being a not-so-fun activity, but it also works against their...
Given that your children spend hours writing in and reading their notebooks every day, it’s important that the quality of information contained in them is high-quality.

Have your child’s notebooks become stuffed with random pieces of paper, diagrams, or are falling apart? While your student...

A child’s reading level can determine the type of opportunities they are eligible for during both their academic and career paths. Many students can adopt the mindset that they don’t need to learn how to read or, at best, don’t need to learn how to read well. Why? Because these students...
Not all students dislike exams because they don’t enjoy the subject. Many students simply find sitting exams intimidating.

Whether your student enjoys sitting their exams or not, the reality is that their academic path and potential career options can be determined by the grades achieved. For...


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