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Writing Tips for Students

It may not seem like it, but having solid writing skills will help your child succeed academically while also giving them sought-after skills in the job market. To help them improve their writing, teach them these tips.

Start With the Basics

In order to become a good...

How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

It's not uncommon for parents to dread their child's first day of preschool. Whether you're worried about how your child will react or are concerned they're not ready, the best thing you can do is prepare them to take this step.

Work on Independence


Work on These Habits With Your Child

Help your child have an easier time during the school year by teaching them to develop some great habits. Below are some useful ones to get them started.

Stay Organized With a Schedule

If your child has no schedule or routine they follow, it can be harder to...

Fun Writing Activities for Students

Getting your child to practice their writing skills at home can be a bit of a struggle. They likely would rather spend this time playing video games, so it's important to make their writing practice fun. Use these fun activities to get them interested.



Combat Exam Related Stress

For many students, exams lead to plenty of stress and anxiety. If this sounds like your child, there are plenty of ways to reduce the negative feelings they have around tests. Teach them these tips so that they are calmer before their exams this year.

Plan Ahead


How to Detect Stress in Your Child

It's not uncommon for students to feel some school-related stress, but it shouldn't cause changes to their daily behaviors. If you're worried that your child is feeling too much pressure, look out for these signs.

Negative Attitude Towards School

When a student...

Teach Your Child to Use a Planner

Although it may not seem too important, a school planner can make a huge difference in a student's academic journey. To help your child make the most of their planner, teach them these helpful tips.

Jot Down Important Dates

A planner is the perfect place to note...

How to Have a Great School Year

The start of the school year can be stress-inducing for many students. If your child is worried about what's to come during the year, help them change their way of thinking by planning for success. Use these tips to help them start the year strong.

Get Organized...


How to Stay on Top of It All This Summer

During your child's summer break, they may be tempted to spend their time playing video games, watching videos, and sleeping. While this may be great for a couple of days, your child will get bored and restless at some point. Before the summer ends,...

How to Prepare for College This Summer

The summer before your child's first year of college can be an exciting one. Your child may be eager to start their first year, but there are still a few things that need to get done. Use the summer to get them prepared for their first day of classes.



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