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Manage Your Child's Internet Use

The internet has made tons of things easier, but it comes with its issues. In some cases, it can even seem like the internet cant be quite dangerous. To learn how to keep your child safe on the internet, use these tips.

Talk to Them

This may sound like the most obvious tip, but keeping your child safe on the internet can be much easier if you simply talk to your child. Ask your child about the apps on their phone, who they're connecting with, and what these apps are for. You can actually learn quite a bit from them by just talking to them.

Focus on Safety

It's also a great idea to talk to your child about how to stay safe online. This is as easy as reminding them to not share their personal information with anyone, especially strangers. Remind them to create passwords that aren't easy to crack to ensure their information is secure. Sharing images and videos are very popular, so encourage them not to do this with strangers.

Set Some Limits

Finally, don't forget to set some parental controls on your child's tablet, laptop, and phone. This will ensure they aren't browsing sites or downloading apps that could be potentially dangerous. It's also important to ensure your child gets some outdoor playtime to balance out their screen time.

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