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How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

If kindergarten is coming up quickly for your child, don't forget to prepare them for this change. Not only is this a big step forward for their academic life, but it can also mean major life changes for your young one. To ensure they're ready for it all, use these tips.

Talk About This Change

For parents and students alike, kindergarten can mean a big change. From adjusting daily schedules to getting used to your child being away from home for a few hours a day, it can take some adapting. Before the big day arrives, sit down with your child to talk about what will be changing and what won't. Listen to their concerns and address them. Rather than assuming your child won't care much or won't understand, it's important that you take them and their concerns seriously.

Begin With Independence

Since your child will be in a new setting and working on their own or with their peers, it's important that they learn to be more independent. You won't be able to hold their hand through it all, so the sooner they get used to this dynamic the better. An easy way to prepare them for this is by enrolling them in extracurricular activities. These will have a similar dynamic to the classroom because a trainer will be in charge and your child will be surrounded by their peers. They'll have to work on their own and with their team to reach their goals without your help. This can make their transition to the classroom smoother.

Enter Kindergarten Prepared

Finally, most students enter kindergarten having already mastered a number of basic lessons. Don't wait until kindergarten starts to teach your child basics, like numbers, letters, counting, and basic math. Since most students enter school already knowing this, waiting too long can result in your child being behind.

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