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Fun Writing Activities for Students

Getting your child to practice their writing skills at home can be a bit of a struggle. They likely would rather spend this time playing video games, so it's important to make their writing practice fun. Use these fun activities to get them interested.

Get Creative With Images

It may sound odd to recommend using images, but this can be a great way to get your child to use their imagination. If they say they don't have anything to write about, present them with a random image. Have them write about whatever comes to mind with the image or they can even create a short story that incorporates the image.

Introduce Them to Different Types of Writing

If your child doesn't like writing because all the practice they have is writing academic essays, then it's time to introduce them to new styles. They may enjoy writing poetry or creative writing, which will give them the push to practice more often and grow their writing skills.

Let Them Write Freely

Finally, be sure to give your child the space to write freely. They can keep a journal where they can write about anything without worrying about their writing being read or corrected. This will encourage them to write honestly and get in the habit of doing it.

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