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How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

It's not uncommon for parents to dread their child's first day of preschool. Whether you're worried about how your child will react or are concerned they're not ready, the best thing you can do is prepare them to take this step.

Work on Independence

First, help your child develop independence skills that will make their day at school go smoother. They are still quite young, so they won't be able to do everything themselves, but there are things they can master. Teach your child to wash their hands, clean up after themselves, and how to neatly store their items. They should also learn to ask for help when they need it and be patient getting that help.

Try Playing School

Next, play school at home with your child so that you can guide them through what a day at school will be like. This will help them get used to the dynamic while also helping them get more comfortable with the idea of being dropped off at school. If they have any questions, answer them honestly and maintain a positive attitude around anything school-related.

Help Your Child Develop New Skills

Finally, if your child isn't used to having other children around, it can be a big help to teach them some new skills. For example, taking turns and sharing will help them interact with students without any issues. This can help them make friends and be more social.

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