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Combat Exam Related Stress

For many students, exams lead to plenty of stress and anxiety. If this sounds like your child, there are plenty of ways to reduce the negative feelings they have around tests. Teach them these tips so that they are calmer before their exams this year.

Plan Ahead

Leaving all of the studying for the night before an exam will only lead to more stress. This turn of events can be overwhelming and cause your child more test-taking anxiety. To prevent this from happening, help them plan their study sessions ahead of time. They should start studying about two weeks before the exam and hold daily, short study sessions to help them stay on the right track. This will allow them to make a little progress every day in the lead up to their test.

Know What to Study

Before jumping into a study session, your child should know what to focus their attention on. A general study guide can help them stay on track and plan their goals for each session. This will ensure they have enough time to tackle all the things they need to learn and review for the exam.

End Study Sessions on a Positive

Please have your child tell you about three things they learned at the end of each study session. This will help them see their own progress and help them stay motivated to prepare for their test. Ending things on a positive note will also help them stay calmer and less stressed in the lead up to their quiz.

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