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Looking for ways to keep your children entertained and learning? This article from The Tutoring Center, Cypress Creek Plaza is here to help! Summer is the best time for children to get outdoors and enjoy the sun! Summertime is also a good opportunity for students to get ahead on next year’s studies or spend some time working on struggle areas from last year. However, what if these could be blended together?

Keep Your Children Entertained and Learning Outdoors

To help you get your children enjoying the outdoors and also brushing up on their studies, below are two great picnic based ideas from The Tutoring Center, Cypress Creek Plaza which can help.

A Writing Picnic

If you haven’t heard about a writing picnic then you’re about to find out about a great activity for everybody to enjoy. The first place to start is in your kitchen. Get everything that you and your youngster will need for a successful and enjoyable picnic at your favorite park or picnic area. While you’re packing, sneak in a few tasty treats. Once you have everything you will need, throw in a few pads of paper, some pens, and even some colored pencils. After everybody has had a play on the equipment (including you) and you are all tired out, settle on a blanket under a tree and get to writing. When asked what to write about, tell your student to write about anything and everything they want. This could be a diary entry about the day’s events right through to a completely fictitious story they create on the spot. If you want to get involved in their writing, have them write the first paragraph, then you write the second, then they write the third, and so on. Will you end up with a complete nonsense story? Absolutely! Will they enjoy their time and build a positive connection with writing? They sure will! Not only is this a great activity for your youngster to enjoy, it’s also the perfect opportunity for you to identify any learning challenges they are experiencing. For example, if your student struggles with the spelling of similar words or has trouble with sentence structure, it’s good to identify the problem and address it before they head back to school for the new year. If you notice that your student struggles with their spelling or general writing abilities, tutoring can help. Speak with a learning professional today at The Tutoring Center, Cypress Creek Plaza by calling (832) 566-7912 to find out more about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring in Cypress Creek Plaza.

How About a Reading Picnic?

It’s no surprise that children don’t really enjoy reading. However, this isn’t because of a disinterest in the activity. It has more to do with the books they are given to read, which are often just textbooks or reference material provided by their teacher. This can result in a negative connection with reading. To break this, try a reading picnic. Similar to the writing picnic above, start in the kitchen by preparing everything you will both need for an enjoyable day at the park. Again, be sure to pack a few little treats (more on these later). Now, on your way to the park or picnic spot, stop in at your favorite bookstore and have your student choose a small book they would like to read – it can be about anything! Once they have chosen one, buy two copies. Once you have both finished enjoying the sun and feel like taking a bit of a rest, sit on your picnic blanket under a tree and get to reading. However, instead of just reading until you both become tired, stop after each chapter and have a quick chat about the book. Speak about:
  • What you both think of the story so far
  • Who your favorite characters are
  • Where you think the story is going
You can even make small bets on what will happen in the next chapter, with the winner being rewarded with a small treat. This is a great way to build a positive connection to reading and, similar to the above tip, it gives you a great chance to identify any reading challenges your child is experiencing, such as issues with the pronunciation of certain words or understanding context.

One-To-One Tutoring Works

If you identify that your student struggles with their reading or writing, it isn’t too late for summer tutoring. Speak with a tutoring professional at The Tutoring Center, Cypress Creek Plaza by calling (832) 566-7912 to book your free initial diagnostic assessment. During your first visit, a learning expert can answer any and all questions you have about the benefits of one-on-one tutoring and how subject focused tutoring programs can help improve your student’s grades and self-esteem.


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