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Make Reading Fun for Your Child

Reading is an important skill for all students to master since they will be needing this throughout their academic career. To help your child master these skills and even enjoy reading, use these tips.

Read What Your Child Likes

To ensure your child will enjoy reading, give them the liberty to pick out the reading material. If they're only reading things they've been assigned or things you've picked out for them, then they may not be excited to do it. Let them pick their reading material so that they're more excited to read and so that they enjoy it.

Make It Something Positive

Many parents use reading as a punishment, which can make this activity seem like something negative. If you have your child read during time out or something similar, this can make them dislike the activity. Do your best to turn reading into something fun and positive so that they look forward to it rather than dread it.

Read Together

Finally, to turn reading into a fun activity, do it as a family. You can make time every day to read with your child and have fun with it. If you have other children who are also working on their reading skills, turn this into a family thing. Have fun with it by reading out loud in silly voices, act out a scene from a book, or simply share what you've read after reading silently.

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