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Nobody said preparing for exams was easy, but it’s something which must be done. If you are a parent looking for ways to help your student prepare for upcoming exams, this article can help.

There is a common thought among parents that, if they can't understand their child’s lessons then how can they possibly help with homework or exam preparation? And while on the surface this sounds like a reasonable argument, The Tutoring Center, Cypress Creek Plaza knows that there is much parents can do to help.

Helping Your Child Prepare for Exams

If the above sounds familiar, below is a great post with some easy-to-adopt tips for all parents to help their student prepare for and pass an upcoming exam.

A Fueled Brain Is a Brain Which Can Learn

As much as sugary snack foods and soda can work to keep your child’s body awake, they aren’t doing anything to help their brain concentrate or absorb lessons. Instead of your child eating snack foods while they study, take them a plate of healthy and nutritious foods in the middle of their study period to refuel their brain and keep them awake and alert. You can even include these in their lunch box to enjoy at school instead of candy from the vending machine. Additionally, many students can become so involved in their studying that they ignore the fact that they have to eat at all, often skipping entire meals. While they may think that eating time is lost study time, the truth is that an empty stomach not only inhibits concentration but also prevents their brain from absorbing as much information as possible. If this sounds like your student, consider cooking their favorite foods on the nights when they are intensely studying to encourage them to emerge from their bedrooms and enjoy a meal. Even if they eat quickly before returning to study, a healthy meal and a full belly equal a fueled brain and one which is ready to study as hard as your student is.

All-Nighters Don’t Help

Students can often think that cramming in a lot of studying overnight and not sleeping is a great way to improve their grades. However, in reality, it means that their brains aren’t getting any downtime, which is when the information learned is processed and converted into recallable memory. This means that your student could be spending hours studying lessons which they aren’t going to remember once they sit down to take an exam. To prevent this from happening to your child, sit with them and help them plan out their study sessions to allow for a good amount of sleep each night.

Lessen Their Load

Many students find it difficult to balance their chores with studying and sleep. If this is the case with your child, look at ways you can reduce their chores. Whether it’s hiring a gardener to mow the lawns on the weekend or allocating housework to another house member, look for ways in which you can allocate your student more time to study and to sleep. Of course, chores are an important lesson in responsibility, so be sure that you don’t remove all of them. Keeping a few chores present not only keeps this lesson ongoing but also prevents them from falling into a routine where there are no chores, making it difficult for them to return to their original routine once exams are completed. Even the most conscientious students can benefit from a helping hand when it comes time for exam preparation. If your student is struggling with a particular class or a set of lessons, speak with The Tutoring Center, Cypress Creek Plaza about how one-to-one tutoring can help. Call today at (832) 566-7912 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment where you can speak with a trained teaching professional about the benefits of tutoring and how one-to-one tutoring can help your child reach their learning potential and achieve the grades you know they are capable of.

Don’t Be Afraid to Plan Ahead

Many students forget about their exams and only remember when it’s too late, leading them to try to learn as much as possible within a week or even just a few days. You can prevent this from happening to your youngster by giving them a study calendar or even a study planner. Sit down with them and learn about when their upcoming exams are. Once you have this information, decide how much they need to study and help them to set a plan in place to achieve the level of necessary studying time. Even if this means planning months in advance, having this plan set means that your student won’t forget about any exams and be stuck trying to cram.

Learn the Lesson Yourself

Well, maybe not learn the lesson, but ask them to do their best to teach you what they have just studied. Even if you just sit there with a blank face, speaking what they have just learned out loud can help them to correct any mistakes they may have made and also improves the chances that the lesson will be retained. Of course, if you are able to follow along, don’t be afraid to ask some follow up questions to help improve their knowledge even further.

One-to-One Tutoring Can Help Your Child Improve the Exam Results

If your child is struggling to understand their lessons or prepare for an exam, subject-focused one-to-one tutoring can help. Speak with an expert today at The Tutoring Center, Cypress Creek Plaza by calling (832) 566-7912 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment. During your first visit, a tutor can answer any questions you have about the effectiveness of tutoring and how one-on-one tutoring sessions can help your student achieve higher exam results and boost their self-confidence.


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