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Despite the name, the summer learning slide isn’t an activity at the park where children magically learn their school lessons and homework.

Unfortunately, the reality is the complete opposite, with the summer learning slide not only being a not-so-fun activity, but it also works against their school lessons and homework. During extended breaks from their school environment, children not only stop learning, but their brain also begins to forget important information, such as math equations or historical dates.

Keep Your Child's Brain Learning over the Summer Break

While this doesn’t present much of a problem over the summer break, when children in this scenario return to the new school year, they need to spend valuable lesson time relearning old lessons while the teacher and their classmates move forward without them. To help you prevent this from happening to your student, The Tutoring Center, Cypress Creek Plaza has the following post which can help.


When it comes to the learning slide, it’s important to acknowledge that your children have worked hard throughout the school year and, not only do they deserve a break, but their brain and their body can actually benefit from the time away from full-time study. The key is to find a medium between learning instances and play. With this in mind, quizzes are a great teaching tool for a number of reasons, such as:
  • Parents can choose the length, meaning that these can be quick quizzes which are used as part of a reward system, such as asking your student to complete a 5 questions quiz before enjoying a summer snack.
  • Because you are creating it, you decide how difficult or easy each quiz is. For example, easier quizzes are great for the morning and evening because they allow a relaxed brain to recall the information easily, while a difficult quiz in the middle of the day or, similar to the above, used as a reward for a ride to the mall, challenges your child’s brain when it is most-ready.
  • Quizzes are versatile, meaning that you can utilize them for any subject and at any time of the day or night, no matter where you are.
Start by making a snack and sitting down with your student and discussing areas they felt presented a significant challenge throughout the year, along with any classes which they felt comfortable with but would like to improve their proficiency. After this discussion, use their textbooks and notes taken throughout the year to make a range of quizzes suited to their needs. If you are worried about your child falling behind before the new school year has even begun or your student struggled with a particular subject, summer tutoring in Cypress, TX can help. Book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Cypress Creek Plaza by calling (832) 566-7912 and speak with a teaching professional about the benefits of tutoring in Cypress, TX.

Summer-Time Notebook

Your child’s notebook can be a powerful and valuable resource over the summer period if used correctly. This is particularly true for a student who experienced a range of smaller learning challenges throughout their subject. Again, with your student, flip through the pages in their notebooks and identify any challenges they faced during class, even if your child doesn't think they did. For example, if you can see notes which have been written, scribbled out, and then rewritten a number of times, this is a sign that your student struggled with the lesson and took down a range of notes as their understanding of the class changed. Each time that you see a challenging note, mark it with a post it or sticker. Once you have completed this activity for all of their textbooks, copy down each of the marked notes into a separate notebook or even just a few sheets of paper. However, when doing this, take the time to ensure that the note is both correct and legibly re-written. Once you have these, it’s up to you both when they will be utilized. Because of their form, these review notes can be used during long car rides, while you complete errands, or, similar to the first tips, be used as part of a reward system where your child receives a set number of pages and in return is allowed to choose the game for family-fun night.

Summer Tutoring Can Help

Summer tutoring isn’t like school, in that it provides a more relaxed environment where your student is given personal attention, allowing them to ask as many questions as they would like until they fully understand each lesson and subject. To find out more about the benefits of summer tutoring, speak with a friendly expert at The Tutoring Center, Santa Clara, CA by calling (832) 566-7912 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


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