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How to Have Stress Free Mornings Before School

Getting out the door on time on school days can prove to be a struggle in many households. Luckily, it doesn't have to be hard to get out the door and in a good mood. To make this happen in your home, use these tips.

Get Ready the Night Before

If your children are often left scrambling as they look for homework, a missing shoe, or a permission slip in the morning, help them get organized. Have your children pack their backpack the night before so that they forget anything, from homework to notes. Packing their lunch the night before can ensure they don't leave without a meal and are left starving at lunchtime. It also helps to pick out an outfit the night before and lay it out so getting ready in the morning is easier than ever.

Get Plenty of Rest

Not getting enough sleep can have plenty of negative consequences which will be felt in the morning. Your child should have a bedtime that ensures they will get enough sleep every night. Without the recommended hours of sleep for their age, your child will be cranky, groggy, and sluggish in the morning and throughout the day. This can lead to them moving slower and being more forgetful, making just getting ready feel near impossible.

Stay Positive

Finally, do your best to maintain a positive attitude, no matter how hectic your morning is. Try to be patient and helpful if your child is struggling with anything from finding their favorite coat to making breakfast. A positive attitude will help you all have a better morning and a better day overall.

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