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How to Prepare for College This Summer

The summer before your child's first year of college can be an exciting one. Your child may be eager to start their first year, but there are still a few things that need to get done. Use the summer to get them prepared for their first day of classes.

Create a Calendar

Your child may still have a few deadlines and important dates to keep track of before school starts. To help them keep them all in order, help them create a calendar for all of these dates. Take note of things like housing and financial aid deadlines, their orientation date, and their registration date.

Get Some Work Done

After registering for classes, your child may learn they have some summer reading or homework that needs to get done. If this is the case, encourage them to get started as soon as they know about it. This will ensure they finish on time and don't feel stressed on their first day. It will also ensure they aren't behind on their first day of class.

Look for Scholarships

Finally, encourage your child to use their free time over the summer to look for more scholarships. These aren't just great because they help out with college expenses, but some of them are quite prestigious and can look great even after college.

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